Science Week 2020

There were lots of great science experiments taking place in Scoil Maelruain during Science Week. Check out the photos of homemade lava lamps, heart dissections, mirror writing, demonstrations of how hot air rises and how plants drink.

Science Week 2020

February and March in Ms Carty's 3rd class.

We have been so busy this term that we almost forgot to give a little update on our recent activities.

Take a look at our photos and you will see the different activities that we have enjoyed.

In February, we celebrated Friendship Week by working in groups to design posters about being friendly. We also made an extra special effort to be kind and friendly. Children that showed great friendship skills each day won a certificate and a prize.

We also used our Art lessons to  celebrate St Brigid’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

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Science Week with Scientific Sue

Our class enjoyed a brilliant trip to Tallaght library where we were treated to a number of experiments from the fantastic Scientific Sue.

Sustainable Energy Workshop in Tallaght Library

On 5th of June 2013 we went to Tallaght Library for a SEAI workshop .

When we got there we went into a room with a lady called Sophie. There were lemons and little wires. We made a light from a lightbulb and the lemons . We played games and did more experiments it was really fun.

We  danced and made rockets using vitamin c tablets. We  watched a video and  it showed what we do to create electricity and what is happening to the world with so much  electricity from renewable (water)  and non renewable (oil) sources.

We learned that we need to save energy rather than waste it.

We would like to go again because  it was fun.

Class reporters: Shaun Barry and Sam Stewart

Ms. D. O'Reilly / Ms. Ryan Engineers Week

We had a wonderful trip to Rua Red for Engineers Week 2013. The children got to explore our robots work, the importance of wind power, magnet and iron filings, how to make a circuit and lots more.

Engineering Week 2013 – 4th class trip

On Thursday 28th Feb, Ms Carty’s class visited Tallaght Stadium to attend an Engineering Week event. We attended a really cool science demonstration with lots of interesting experiments.

We learned about gravity and air pressure. Hand-held helicopters, hovercrafts, giant marshmallows, exploding rockets and chairs made of nails are just a taster of what we got up to!

We also stopped off in the playground on the way back because we were so well behaved!

Take a look at our photos!!

Engineering Week-6th Class Ms. N. Scully

Our class visited two workshops this week for Engineering week-a ‘K’nex’ Workshop and a ‘Construction Project’ workshop with a tour of Shamrock Rovers/Tallaght Stadium!! Here are some photographs to show how we got on….

Ms Murphy's class news

The summer is nearly here but we wanted to share some of our recent activites and photos with you. We have been busy since Easter…read on to find out more!

Back In February we went to Storytelling in Tallaght Library. We heard legends from Ireland and China

For Easter we made cards using felt and wool. Click on the photos to see our creative creations.

Our class took part in the Discover primary Science programme. Here you can see us at Engineers week roadshow in Tallaght Stadium. We had a great time learning about the properties of different gases and about pneumatics.

As part of the Greenwave Study we measured and recorded the temperature, wind and rainfall. We also looked for signs of spring by looking for budding ash trees on our school grounds. Here you can see some photos of our science ‘hands on’ work.

Check back soon for more photos of upcoming events

We are going on a trip to The Fire Station on Monday 18th June
Our 3rd class tour will take place on Monday 25th June to Newbridge House and Farm.

Incredible Edibles come to Scoil Maelruain!

Students from Ms Biesty’s 5th class and Mr Fitzgerald’s 6th class have taken up the Incredible Edibles challenge to grow lettuce, turnips, potatoes, carrots and strawberries in the school. So far we have planted the lettuce and turnip seeds in little pots and are waiting for them to germinate before replanting them in the raised bed alongside the carrots. The potatoes have their own planting bag to grow in and the strawberry plants will arrive after the Easter holidays. Fingers crossed we have some yummy fruit and vegetables to taste and cook in June!

Bird is the Word!

Check out the pictures of the “Bird is the Word” project, which was completed by students of 5th (Ms. Biesty) and 6th (Ms. Walsh) class, and was displayed at the RDS Primary Science Fair earlier this month.

For three weeks students monitored and recorded bird activity in the school garden three times daily. Initially there was no food provided for the birds and then we added peanuts during week 2 and seeds during week 3. We attracted a large variety of birds to the garden including greenfinches, chaffinches, goldfinches, magpies, blue tits and sparrows. The most common visitor to our garden was the chaffinch and during the 3rd week we logged over 200 birds!

We displayed our project as part of the RDS Primary Science Fair and you can now see it displayed in the halla!