February and March in Ms Carty’s 3rd class.

We have been so busy this term that we almost forgot to give a little update on our recent activities.

Take a look at our photos and you will see the different activities that we have enjoyed.

In February, we celebrated Friendship Week by working in groups to design posters about being friendly. We also made an extra special effort to be kind and friendly. Children that showed great friendship skills each day won a certificate and a prize.

We also used our Art lessons to ┬ácelebrate St Brigid’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

We really enjoyed our Science lessons as we made boats from play doh and experimented with different shapes to see which would float best. We had the opportunity to attend an Engineer’s Week workshop with the great Scientific Sue. Her experiments were crazy!

For Geography lessons, we celebrated Chinese New Year with some delicious fortune cookies. Sara and her mam baked a wonderful traditional Croatian chocolate cake which we loved!!

Finally, to celebrate World Book Day, some children in our class took to the hot seat to give us their reviews of their favourite books.