Success in Santry Athletics!

This year 60 children represented Scoil Maelruain in Santry Sport Athletics. To be chosen to represent your school at this level is a huge achievement. Well done to all the children who were so committed to their training over the past few months. We enjoyed great success in Athletics in Morton Stadium this year. We brought home 27 medals in total.

Congratulations to Kyle Glass, Gracjan Aniszewski and Shaun Barry who beat off very stiff competition to achieve gold in their events.

Dennis Ogbonna, Evan Carey and Runak Wassi came in second place in their 100 metre sprints.

Ava Harris, Anna Mc Cari and Cillain Holohan all got bronze medals for their events.

Several trials were held in order to choose our final relay teams. All teams performed exceptionally well on the day. Well done to our under 14 boys, under 12 boys, under 12 girls – all teams were awarded silver in their relay finals after progressing through several heats. These teams were made up of:  Evan Caffrey, Ahmed Khalife, Scott Herraghty, David Nwafor and Michael Stog  (Under 12 boys ).

Evan Carey, Gracjan  Aniszewski, Ben Voka, Darren Mc Cormack and Sam Stewart ( Under 14 boys ).

Anna Mc Cari, Angel Agbasieor, Runak Wassi, Megan Foley and Kate Kavanagh ( Under 12 girls ).

Our under 11 boys ran a very determined and fast race and came in third overall. On this team were Aaron Connolly, Cillian Holohan, David Pyke, Kai Yound and Liam Nugent.

A huge thanks to all who supported us on the day in Morton Stadium and a special thanks to all the parents who got their children to school at 8.30 am each morning for training, no easy task!!

Well done to all our athletes and keep up the running over the summer!!

Boys                                                   Girls

Under 10 Under 10

Dennis Ogbonna                            Anna Mcloughlin

Evan Walsh                                      Amiee Collins

Luke Walsh                                      Megan Bramble

Ross Condon                                   Nicola Ptak

Justin Darcy                                   Georgia Manning

Under 11                                           Under 11

Aaron Connolly                             Ava Harris

Cillian Holohan                              Rebecca Leigh

David Pyke                                       Mary Ann Voka

Kai Young                                         Shauna Tigue

Liam Nugent                                   Jessie Barry

Under 12                                            Under 12

Evan Caffrey                                    Anna McCari

Ahmed Khalife                                Angel Agbasieor

Scott Herraghty                             Runak Waissi

David Nwafor                                  Megan Foley

Michael Stog                                   Kate Kavanagh

Under 14                                            Under 14

Evan Carey                                       Holly Nolan

Gracjan Aniszewski                       Kate Boland

Ben Voka                                           Jodi Brown

Darren Mc Cormack                     Brieanna Courtney

Sam Stewart                                     Eireann  Joyce

The following children were also part of Scoil Maelruain Athletics team.

Boys                                                    Girls

Darragh Stevens                            Zuzanna Cieslewicz

Dylan Keogh                                    Ellen Buckley

Karl McGill                                       Sophie Stewart

Cornelius Brennan                        Abigail Perry

Kyle Glass                                         Eve Griffiths

Nicole O’Donnell

Robin Gillespie

Aoife Wheelock

Hannah Gilson


Emma Philips