5th Class Bowling

Basketball Finals

On February 2nd our school basketball teams traveled to the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght to compete in the league finals.  All of the sixth classes also came to give us some support. Both teams played very well and we all had a great day!

Ms Flood’s Class Engineers Week Trip

On Friday 13th of February Ms Flood’s class went to ‘Having Fun With Computers’ as part of the Engineers week in Tallaght library. We learned how to create projects on Scratch programming and also how to use the site. We were also shown a 3D printer and shown how it prints 3D images. It was a great day!

Peace Proms 2015

On Saturday the 31st January 65 children from the school  choir took part in the Peace Proms concert in the RDS accompanied by the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland. It was a fantastic concert , the children sang and danced their hearts out. They also got to appreciate a live orchestra and we definitely have some budding Maestros in our school. Many thanks to Ms Hogan , Ms Biesty and Ms Carty who accompanied us on the day. You can see some photos of the rehearsal before the concert below.

January in Ms Carty’s 3rd Class

We are all very glad that January is finally over and Spring has started to arrive. We would like to show you some of our hard work from January.

As the weather was quite cold and frosty, we decided to make some bird feeders to hang on the trees near our playground. We mixed suet with sunflower seeds and put the sticky mixture into little cups. We used some string to hang them from the twigs and branches.  We couldn’t believe the food was mostly gone the next day!

In our History lessons in January, we were learning about the great Irish explorer, Tom Crean. We loved learning about his life and his exciting adventures. We watched a great documentary about Tom Crean and it really made us realise how tough his expeditions must have been on Antartica. We created some black and white chalk drawings based on different aspects of his life story.

In some of our Art lessons, we practiced our still life drawing skills. We actually used our own shoes and runners. We think they look very cool.  Printing was also very cool. We made our own print stamps using string and then dipped them in paint. We made great patterns by repeating our stamp in a variety of ways.

This week, we were very proud to put the finishing touches to our narrative story books. Everybody in our English group worked really hard in January to plan, draft and edit their own story. We then illustrated them and designed our own book covers. We have really enjoyed reading each others stories.