Ms Carty’s 3rd Class News

We have been very busy since we started in Ms Carty’s 3rd class.Here are some pictures of the work we were doing in September and October.

We were learning how to write a recount of an event. We learned about putting the story in order using a setting, some events and a conclusion. We used the computers to type our stories and our teacher printed them out so that we could read them in our class library.

In Science we learned and wrote about mini beasts. We gathered facts and drew pictures of each mini beast. We put these up on our Science board in our classroom.

Lots of children collected horse chestnuts and brought them to school. We decided it would be a good idea to plant them to see if we could grow our own trees. Everyone planted a chestnut in a milk carton with some soil. One person is in charge of watering them everyday. We hope that they will grow big and tall!

To get ready for Halloween, we decorated the classroom with Halloween decorations and we did some Spooky Scratch Art. You can see our cool art in the photos.