Forecast Card Winners

A sincere thanks to all the boys and girls who sold our forecast cards. Nobody predicted the exact score of 12 points to 2goals and 9 points. The fairest solution was to divide the prize money among the people who forecast a score of 12 points to 15 points in whatever format. We had thirteen winners in total. See table of winners below.

Winners of Dublin Jerseys:

  • Scott McKeown
  • Jamie Tobin Fox

Sellers Prize:

  • Jamie Brady
  • Anna Dooley
  • Niamh Nolan
  • Ciara Hanley
  • Aoife Wheelock
Winner Seller’s Name
Eileen Lambe April Leach
Kacey Byrne Kacey Byrne
J. Byrne Hayley Hughes
Siobhan Swaine Rachel Casey
Mandy McKeown Blake Nolan
Christine Collins Aimee Collins
Cassie McAuley Sarah Kelly
A. Fowler David Sietko
Tim Noone Laurence He
Claire Kennedy Joshua Keaty
Ken Layton Dean Layton
Maria Stadnit Kacey Byrne
Marie Bannon Hewa Ghanbari