Santry 2014

Congratulations to  Scoil Maelruain Senior’s Athletics team who came home with a  Cup and 13 medals from Morton Stadium in Santry! Well Done to all 72  members of our athletics team who have trained so hard over the past couple of months! We enjoyed great success in Athletics this year. Our U11 boys relay team beat off stiff competition to come home in first place and win the Cup and5 gold medals. This team included Darren Mc Cormack,  Evan Caffrey, Conor Jackson, Michael Stog and Scott Herraghty! These boys ran a superb race and displayed great team work! Our Under 12 Boys relay team were also victorious and won silver medals in their final. This team included Okoko Ogbe, Toby Adenkan, Evan Carey , Jason Haide, and  Joshua Monaghan. Another magnificent race with all team members running with great determination to win second place! Our individual winners which included Evan Caffrey ( silver: in U11 hurdles), Holly Byrne (silverin U13: hurdles) and Scott Leigh ( bronze: shot putt), all  were outstanding! Well Done,to all our team members!

The following children are  members  of  Scoil Maelruain’s  Athletics Team:

Sophie Stewart, Abigail Perry, Ellen Buckley, Liam Nugent, Ciaran Selfridge, Jessie Barry, Rachel Cacey, David Pyke, Ross Condon, Kai Young, Leah Blair, Scott McKeown, Emma Brennan, Sean Keelan, Kasper Fryez, Nikki Cowzer, Callan Green, Layton Smith, Jason O’Connor, Aoife Wheeloch, Ryan Flood, Benjamin Ademoyegun, Holly Nolan, Orla Doyle, Hannah Gilson, Scott Herraghty, Brianna Courtney, Dylan Keogh, Cormac Keenan, Katie Cullen Boland, Philip Omisore, Cian Roche, David Nugent, Chloe Bland, Aaron Layton, Ryan Mooney.

The following children competed in various events in Morton Stadium :

Aaron Connolly, Fionn Lynch, Josh Obilade, Josh Keaty, Megan Foley, Rebecca Leigh, Nicole O’Donnell, Mary Ann Voka, Shauna Tighe, Ava Harris, Eva Griffiths, Darren McCormack, Michael Stog, Runak Waissi, Jason Haide, Gracjan Aniszewski, Evan Carey, Evan Caffrey, Rudi Byrne, Hollie Byrne, Sarah Hanley, Nicole Conway, Toby Adenkan, Joshua Monaghan, Scott Leigh, Sara Quinn, Daniel McCarthy, Kaleh Ndegwe, Vicky Babalola, Katie Xheza, Okoko Ogbe, Craig Winder, Luke Haverty.

These children represented our school with excellence on both days.  Well Done Team Maelruain!!