Ms Flood’s 3rd class school tour to Dublin Zoo!

Here is an account of our school tour my Molly Long and Niamh Nolan.

We got up and got ready by getting our bags, putting on sun cream and putting our lunches and drinks in our bags.  We got on the bus together.  It took thirty minutes and was quite a bumpy ride. On the bus everyone was singing, cheering and messing. when the bus pulled up we all leaned forward and we were at the zoo.

The zoo was a  very cheerful and colorful place. There was lots to see. The animals were well cared for. We saw strange, cheeky and beautiful animals. These animals included elephants, giraffes, rhinos, scimitar horned oryx, sea lions and ducks.

Molly’s favourite animal was the scimitar horned oryx because they are such beautiful animals. Nimah’s favourite animals were the gorillas because they were cute.

We had a great day!