4th class history trip to Dublinia

Over the last month, we have been learning about the Normans coming to Ireland during history lessons. We are also working on constructions of Norman motte and bailey settlements. This is the reason we took a trip to the Viking and Medieval experience at Dublinia.

Our trip by James McLeod and Evan Maguire.

On the bus to Dublinia, we did a quiz in pairs to recognise car registrations and to count car colours. We arrived at Dublinia and met our tour guide, Dave. He was very good. He told us lots of interesting facts about the Vikings and Normans. We learned about their lives, houses, food and diseases. We played in the Medieval Market and sat in an old Viking house.

When the tour was over, we could explore the museum ourselves and we got clues in different rooms to answer our question sheet. ¬†We went to the St.Patrick’s Park for lunch afterwards. It was nice and sunny. We played for a little bit after lunch. Then the bus driver came so we went back to school. We had a good day.