Christmas is coming!

Ms Carty’s class were lucky to secure a place on a wonderful Christmas Decoration workshop in Tallaght Library today. We headed off to the library with bags full of household recycling. We arrived and we were greeted by Catherine and Migel who helped us to create a selection of Christmas decorations. We used cereal boxes, toilet roll holders, cartons, egg trays and our imaginations!

Here are some photos of our workshop!

Ms Carty’s 4th class :)

Thank you!!

I would just like to thank everyone involved in helping us to raise €314.55 for Temple Street Children’s Hospital through the Trick-or-Treat for Temple Street school activities.

Ms. Dunnings Class Halloween Costumes!

Well done to all those who dressed up for Trick-or-Treat for Temple Street. We had great fun with the Halloween activities and it was for a great cause!

Ms Flood’s class visit South Dublin County Council

On Wednesday 6th November Ms. Kennedy organised for Ms Flood’s class to visit the South Dublin County Council Offices as part of their Tallaght project work. It was a great experience for the children and they really enjoyed it. Holly Johnston and Ryan Murtagh have described the day.

We left the school and on the way we walked over the blue bridge and then walked through the square. After that we passed the library, the theatre and Rua Red. Then we saw a big building and it was South Dublin County Council.

When we were in the building we sat down on black chairs. The mayor, Dermot Looney, walked in and we all said hello. After we went into a chamber. Elaine told us a bit more about Tallaght. We all had microphones which we weren’t allowed to mess with. After that the mayor asked us questions, what we liked about Tallaght and what we wanted to improve in Tallaght. Ryan and I both asked three questions each. Chloe asked the mayor how heavy his golden chain was and she got to try it on. Sean asked if he could sit in the mayors chair and he got up and sat in it.

At the end we all got a picture with the mayor and we got to touch his golden chain. Then we got to high-5 him! He gave us some certificates and then we walked back to the school and had our lunch. It was a brilliant day!

Sam Maguire Comes to Scoil Maelruain

We were delighted to have the Sam Maguire in the school on Thursday November 7th. Children were decked out in the Dublin colours and some teachers also! Michael Darragh MacAuley kindly presented the trophy to the school and answered lots of questions. The excitement of having the trophy in the school was topped off with a night off homework.

Scoil Maelruain Student Council

The Scoil Maelruain Student Council has recently been founded by Paul Zaki and Mark Mangan, along with the help of Logan MacBride, Victoria Babalola, Shauna Walsh, Joulee Zaki, Lucas Seiz, Milhea McCarton and the newer new guy Darragh Masterson. After receiving training from  The Tallaght Youth Council , this group of utterly amazing talented youngsters are now acting as a bridge between the students and the staff.

Written by Logan and Paul.

Halloween Dress Up 2013

Check out the fantastic winning outfits from this Halloween and well done to everyone in the school who made the effort to dress up.

Friendship Week

Friendship Week took place in the school during October. Children were encouraged as always to be kind and considerate towards everybody in the school. Prizes were given to some children who made an extra special effort to be friendly and caring.

Halloween Art

Well done to all the boys and girls who made wonderful Halloween art pieces for the school’s annual display. The foyer looked positively scary!!