Ms. Dunning’s Class Trip to Dublin City

Our Dublin Tour-26ú Meán Fomhair 2013

Yesterday, a man named Thomas came to our class.He was going to be our audio tour guide.We took the nro. 49 Dublin Bus to Pearse Street. From there, we went to St.Patricks Cathedral, where we saw a monument of the Boyle family. Then we went to see a man named Seán, who was our guide for St.Patricks Cathedral.

He told us about a large stone which was covering up a well, in which St.Patrick was supposed to have been baptised people.Then we went to see the choir section, where children from a school come to sing as a daily routine. We sat on stairs, under which Seán said the Boyle family was buried. He showed us helmets and swords of soldiers and how the river Paddle affected the wall of the cathedral.

Then he told us about Jonathan Swift, who people thought was always mad and angry. After that, we went to a park, which was made and paid for by the Guiness family.We had our lunch and went to a park, which was beside Dunlin Castle. Later, we went to City Walls and then we went to City Hall, which had a ceiling covered in gold leaves and flowers as thin as paper.

At the end, we went to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells.We also saw a stone with writing on it and the oldest harp in Ireland.On the way back, my friends and I talked about how amazing the tour was.We said bye to Thomas and went back to school.We all enjoyed the tour and can’t wait for the next tour.

By Jakub (6th Class)