4th Class Trip to Causey Farm, Co. Meath.

Causey Farm

written by Victoria Babalola, Siobhán Byrne and Darragh Masterson (Ms Carty’s class.)

On Monday the 18th of June we went to Causey Farm. It wasn’t like a normal school trip because we had to leave at 8:45am. When we got to the bus Siobhàn,Nicole and I sat at the back, but the bus driver said my seatbelt was broken, but he was lying. The trip took about an hour, but Siobhàn, Nicole and I played games and talked to kill time. When we reached Causey Farm we ate our lunch and I had a bit of my treat, then we had to put our bags in the shed. There were birds everywhere.

Then after that the trip began………………We met our tour guides and their names were Carl, Megan and James. So, we went over to see some animals, we saw the donkey first and then we went to the chicken coop and we saw a hen and some turkey’s. Afterwards we went to a wishing bell and through a tunnel that led us to fairy forts. People used to think that fairy forts were sacred places and they would not cut down trees trees there or they would have really bad luck. After the fairy forts we went to a colour maze. The colour maze was a bunch of coloured planks and we had to walk across them in a colour sequence (red, yellow, blue) and try get to the centre. It was hard, but I did it and then after I slipped. The man Karl told us to make a wall so the pig wouldn’t run away. The piglet followed his mammy around the space that they had and came up close to Craig and Tobi, they got such a fright thatthey moved to the side and let the pig and the piglet out, the people that worked there were chasing after the pigs but it wanted to go to the daddy pig so eventually three of the pigs were together.

We took a break and played with bubbles and looked at chicks, then Siobhàn and I painted on the wall, but before that we went into a maze a hay maze to be exact. It was really dusty and i got lost, but I ended up making it out eventually. Then we had lunch break.

Afterwards it was time to head off to the bog. We walked for about 20 minutes and passed a place called Girly Hall. We went to the bog and got so mucky. We went to see how you make turf, but you need a slan to shovel up the peat and make them into sod’s of turf then you make them into footing’s of turf. We went an obstacle course where you had to cross a steam on a rope to get us to the bogs. You had to take your shoes and socks off to get into the bog incase lost your shoes.

Karl told us a story about farmers, when they went down to bogs they brought a stick with them incase a badger came. The reason why they brought a stick with them is because when badgers attack they don’t go away until they hear a bone brake. So then we went on down to the turf, and on the way Emma lost her converse runners in a mini bog hole. We were looking for them for over 10 minutes. We learned about the turf and went down to the bigger bog. Vicky and I had a had a bog bath, believe me it was disgusting. Then we got a ride back in a trailer while singing. Then we got back to the farm and got changed out of our peaty clothes and eventuly got on the but home.