Valentine’s Day activities in Ms Carty’s 4th Class

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  We’ve used the theme of Valentine’s Day in English and Art lessons this week.

In our English lessons, we talked about idioms that are associated with love such as :  Love is blind, wear your heart on your sleeve and cold hearted. We drew funny cartoons to match each idiom. We also wrote ‘I love….’ heart shaped poems which helped us to remember the feelings that we love such as ‘I love cold ice cream on a really hot day or I love the smell of my mam’s cup of coffee in the morning’.

In Art we made Oragami boxes from old Christmas and birthday cards. They were tricky to fold but we got there! We decorated the boxes and popped our Last Rolo inside for someone special to enjoy.

Ms Carty’s class get a taste of World War 2.

In January, our class learned about World War 2 and how children in Britain lived during the war.  We were surprised to learn that a lot of food we eat today was rationed during the war such as sausages, bacon and eggs. Families had to make meals using only a few ingredients that were cheap to buy. To understand exactly how children in Britain lived, we made Cheese Pudding, which was a popular dish during the war. It was easy to make and surprisingly tasty!

Ms J O’Reilly – 3rd Class Art Work

Have a look at our competition entries for Russian Festival week. Our illustrations are of Russian folk tales- The Snowman, the Hut, The Giant Turnip, The Wild Geese, The Brown Bun & the Goldfish –  and are in the style of famous Russian artist Kandinsky.