Student of the Week

Well done to all the students who have been rewarded for their hard work so far this term.

6th Class

Ms. McHugh:

Kudzai Tawambe

Thomas Cummings

Ms. Walsh:

Katie Booker

Warren Doyle

Mr. Moore:

Ryan Brady

Chloe Barry

Ms. S.Murphy:

Dominyka Gailivnaite

Eric Jones

5th Class

Ms. Biesty:

Rachel Connolly

Ryan Walsh

Ms. Scully:

Alexandra Pow

Stephen Darcy

Mr. Fitzgerald:

Megan Dooley

Remi Blood

4th Class

Ms. Holland:

Ben Noctor

Orlagh McGuigan

Ms. O Reilly:

Jade Willoughby

Jack Butler

Ms. Flood:

Joshua Keddy

Megan Buggy Philips

3rd Class

Ms. M. Murphy:

Melanie Darcy

Nathan Griffin

Ms. Callaly:

Sara Quinn