Santry 2010

Congratulations to all our athletes who represented our school in Santry this year. Again, they experienced fantastic success on the track and field.

Santry Winners: Field Events

U10 Sprint – Cillian Lacey 3rd place

U11 Hurdles – Charles Etumnu 2nd place

U131/2 Hurdles – Vincent Ogbe 1st place

U12 500m Gavin Deering 3rd place

U11 Hurdles Agnes Ogbe 2nd place

U12 Hurdles Jade Sweeney 2nd place

U11 500m Nicole Malcolmson 2nd place

Track Events

U11 Relay

1st Place – Charles Etumnu, Jack Bland, Josh Lambert and Eoin Lambert – sub Sean Farrelly

U 131/2 Relay

2nd Place – Vincent Ogbe, Jason Smith, Darragh Fulham, Eric Hardy, subs Joel Viegas and John Mulally