Summer Holidays

School will re-open September 1st 2010

4th Class Tour


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Houses Art Expo

Well done to Ms. S. Murphy’s 5th class who presented fantastic art work in the school hall. Each pupil had to make a construction based on the theme of houses from around the world. There was everything from mud huts, house on stilts, a cottage, a tree house, Big Ben, a space station and lots more. Enjoy the photos.

Sports Day 2010

We hope you all enjoyed Sports Day this year. Enjoy the photos.

Awards Ceremony 2010

Well done to all the students who were awarded medals for their achievement this year. There were medals for best students in 6th class, all types of sports, sports day medals, chess, gardening, art and drama. The Tomás O Reachtabhra trophy was awarded to Michael Murtagh. I hope you enjoy the photos of the medal winners.

Student of the Week

Well done to all the students this week.

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Raising of our new Green Flag

Congratulations to everyone involved in securing our latest Green Flag especially Ms. McHugh, Ms. M. Murphy and the Green Committee. It is a great achievement as we have been awarded more Green Flags than any other school in the country. The Lord Mayor and representatives from South Dublin Co. Council took part in the flag raising. We were also given a day of cycle training.

Santry 2010

Congratulations to all our athletes who represented our school in Santry this year. Again, they experienced fantastic success on the track and field.

Santry Winners: Field Events

U10 Sprint – Cillian Lacey 3rd place

U11 Hurdles – Charles Etumnu 2nd place

U131/2 Hurdles – Vincent Ogbe 1st place

U12 500m Gavin Deering 3rd place

U11 Hurdles Agnes Ogbe 2nd place

U12 Hurdles Jade Sweeney 2nd place

U11 500m Nicole Malcolmson 2nd place

Track Events

U11 Relay

1st Place – Charles Etumnu, Jack Bland, Josh Lambert and Eoin Lambert – sub Sean Farrelly

U 131/2 Relay

2nd Place – Vincent Ogbe, Jason Smith, Darragh Fulham, Eric Hardy, subs Joel Viegas and John Mulally

School Art Exhibition

Our Art exhibition held in the school hall on Thursday June 3rd was a great success. It was coordinated by Ms. Roberts and attended by lots of very proud children and parents. Thanks to Ms. Scully, R.T.E.  visited the expo and our school was featured on The Den’s news section that day. Hope you enjoy this collection of pictures from the expo.

Croke Park 2010

Well done to Mr. Moore and Ms. Hogan who brought their teams to the finals in Croke Park this year. Hard luck to the players who lost out on winning the final. We hoped who all really enjoyed the honour of playing in Croke Park. Thanks for the fantastic day out. Hope you enjoy the photos.