Spring Clean!

Pupils from 6th class have been busy getting the grounds of the school ready for spring. Here is an article and pictures with more information.

The Courtyard

Yesterday, we cleaned the courtyard up in the 3rd and 4th block. The people who cleaned the courtyard were Adam, Joel, James, and I Eric. Other people cleaned the courtyard aswell in the 5th and 6th block. Their names were Nicole, Jade, Kelsey and Patricia. We brushed all the leaves and dust together and put all of it into the bin. After all of that was finished we all got hoe’s and started to scrap all the leaves and roots to one pile and threw in in the bin. All of this took us 3 and a half hours. Everything in the courtyard looks brand new. In a few weeks we will see all the bulbs growing. Next year Ms. Ryan is hoping to have benches in both courtyards.

By Adam F and Eric H