Senior Football

Congratulations to Mr. Moore and our Senior Football team who won their final in Croke Park on December 16th.

Captains Report

Hi my name is Cian Murphy and on the 16/12/08 my school won Cumann Na nGael. This is a cup for the division three. There are fifteen teams in the competition. They are split up into groups of five. In our groups we had Scoil Lorcain, Scoil Mharcais, Holy Spirit, Scoil Bhiride and ourselves. In the first game we had Holy Spirit and we beat them. In the second game we had Scoil Lorcain, in the third game we had Scoil Mharcais and in the fourth we had Ballyroan. We won all our matches up to that but so did Ballyroan. After a tough hour of playing we cam out on top. It was a great match.

We topped the group so we didn’t have to play a qualifier. In the semi final we played Holy Family. It was a very rough match. If you saw that score board you would think we got a walk over because we won by about 7 points. But on the pitch it was closer.

Then in a couple of weeks I found myself with my team going to the final in Croke Park on a bus. I was the captain with my friend Jason, the substitute captain. It was a great feeling to be leading this mighty team. When we walked into the dressing room my jaw dropped.

I was standing in a room where all the greats were before. As I walked in there, I saw a small room on the left. The floor was made of astro there. It was for teams to get warmed up before the match. After about 20 minutes in the dressing room, Mr. Moore and Mr. Corcoran gave us a pep talk.

After that we went out onto the pitch. We ran out onto it and there was a big roar. It was a great feeling. We were playing Sacred Heart from Finglas. When the match started Vincent won the throw in. After about 10 minutes they scored a point and immediately after they scored a goal. It wasn’t looking good. But finally Ryan scored a point after that. I scored another.

At half time we were a couple of points down. Mr. Moore and Mr. Corcoran ate us a half time.

We came out on fire but with ten minutes to go we were three points down. Myself and Darragh assisted Jason with a marvellous goal to put us level. Then in the last two minutes I scored a point and then the whistle blew.

We won by a point. Barny Rock presented the cup, Dublin legend. When we went into the dressing room I had to say a speech in front of the other team. I will never forget that day in Croke Park.

By Cian Murphy